Optics and Electronics for Advanced Display & Imaging Applications

Brass Roots Technologies is an engineering skunkworks specializing in the design of advanced optics and electronics for high-performance Display and Imaging systems. With tightly coupled optical, mechanical and electronics design teams as well as CNC prototype manufacturing under one roof, Brass Roots Technologies offers unmatched applications experience, world-class engineering design and highly differentiated product technology solutions for clients worldwide.
Design Services
Engineered Light
Engineering ServicesWith a nimble team of designers and in-house CNC rapid prototyping, we analyze complete systems to identify the critical problems to solve and develop creative solutions that balance your business, technology, and manufacturing goals.
Technology & Products
Differentiated Performance
ProductsBrass Roots' products enable performance, features and flexibility far beyond market norms to provide unmatched differentiation. Our advanced technology solutions either significantly outperform the field or redefine the category outright.

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Gibraltar™ 4K Formatter Hardware Reference Design Now Available!

Gibraltar™ 4K Formatter Hardware Reference Design

Announcing the Gibraltar™ 4K Formatter Hardware Reference Design from Brass Roots Technologies! The advanced hardware design fully unlocks the performance potential of native 4K DMDs (1.38"). Featuring a high-speed Xilinx™ Kintex®-7 FPGA and DDR3 memory, the hardware design leverages Gibraltar™ Processing to convert 4K video and graphics into ultra high fidelity PWM bit-planes at full DMD bandwidth without bottlenecks.