Frank Poradish


Frank founded Brass Roots Technologies in 2009 after retiring with 30 years at Texas Instruments. Always working on new concepts and advanced technologies, Frank spent the first half of his TI career in the Defense Systems & Electronics Group where he worked on a variety of Radar, FLIR, MAD, and Com/Nav projects for airborne, ground, and undersea applications.

The second half of Frank’s career at TI was spent in DLP® Imaging and Display Products, again bringing new technologies to market. Frank managed the technical development of DLP Cinema®, the world’s first all-digital movie theater projection system approved by Hollywood and now installed in over 100 thousand theaters worldwide. Frank also managed DLP® HDTV product developments including slim, and LED HDTV products. Several of these products became high volume consumer products also involving extensive supply chain management.

Frank has 18 issued patents covering component design, component packaging, optics design, and a variety of product system designs in military, commercial, and consumer applications. He is happily married with two children, a private pilot and likes riding motorcycles. Frank also enjoys scuba diving, golf, driving his Cobra and sampling new single malts.


  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®, Scientific and Engineering Award: "To Brad Walker, D. Scott Dewald, Bill Werner, Greg Pettitt and Frank Poradish for their contributions furthering the design and refinement of the Texas Instruments DLP Cinema® projection technology, whose high level of performance enabled color-accurate digital intermediate preview and motion picture theatrical presentation." Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®, January 2015