Brass Roots opens New Corporate Offices

Brass Roots proudly announces the opening of new corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas. The new facility provides 3,500 sq ft of mixed offices and lab areas equipped for the development of advanced optical, electronic and mechanical systems.

"This is an exciting milestone for Brass Roots Technologies. We have setup our facilities to meet strong demand from manufacturers for innovative, high performance projection system solutions. We now have the infrastructure to support development of cutting-edge solutions and planned staffing growth over the next few years," said Frank Poradish, President of Brass Roots Technologies.

Brass Roots Technologies is located at 6829 K Avenue, Suite 108, Plano TX 75074. Click here for map with driving directions.

About Brass Roots Technologies
Brass Roots Technologies provides specialized engineering services and technologies for advanced imaging and display systems. With deep expertise in high-performance Opto-Mechanical and Electronic systems, Brass Roots develops targeted technology solutions which extend the performance and capabilities of high-end projection systems. To learn more, please visit