Brass Roots Technologies Completes Construction of New Corporate Headquarters

Brass Roots Technologies is excited to announce construction completion of new corporate headquarters. Located at 18 Prestige Circle in Allen, TX, the new headquarters more than doubles the company's office, lab, machining and warehouse space to 14,800 square feet.

New Headquarters of Brass Roots Technologies at 18 Prestige Circle, Allen, TX

"The new headquarters represents a giant leap in our capacity to design, prototype and manufacture state of the art optomechanical and optoelectronic products for a worldwide client base. We celebrated our 10th Anniversary in 2019, and the completion of this project fulfills yet another goal we set years ago to differentiate and enhance BRT's value through the combination of world-class optics, mechanical and electronics design team and a purpose-built facility designed specifically for our unique mission. This is truly a watershed moment for the company," said Wayne Reynolds, VP Business Development.

About Brass Roots Technologies LLC
Since 2009, Brass Roots Technologies has developed critical enabling technologies for advanced imaging and display applications. With a unique combination of in-house optical, mechanical, and electronics design teams as well as prototype manufacturing, Brass Roots Technologies provides unmatched system-level perspective, custom engineering design services and licensed IP technology. To learn more, please visit