Brass Roots Upgrades In-House CNC Machining Capacity

CNC Lathe Machine

Brass Roots Technologies today announced the acquisition of a precision CNC Lathe. The new asset will complement the already installed CNC Vertical Mill to support Brass Roots' custom engineering design and prototyping business.

The addition of an in-house CNC Lathe significantly enhances Brass Roots' ability to rapidly design and build turned components for full-performance prototypes. The HAAS ST-10 offers the right combination of precision and capacity to support high-performance optical / mechanical prototype assemblies.

About Brass Roots Technologies, LLC
Since 2009, Brass Roots Technologies has developed critical enabling technologies for advanced imaging and display applications. With a unique combination of in-house optical, mechanical, and electronics design teams as well as prototype manufacturing, Brass Roots Technologies provides unmatched system-level perspective, custom engineering design services and proprietary technology. To learn more, please visit