Engineering Services


Brass Roots Technologies provides technical consulting and engineering design to clients worldwide, from start-up's to the Fortune 50. We excel in developing differentiated solutions that integrate advanced optics, mechanics, and electronics. From end-to-end system architecture definition to full-performance prototypes, our hand-picked design engineering team benefits from experiences in many industries, including Video, Entertainment, Imaging, Medical, Telecommunications, and Defense.

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Technical Consulting

Our team brings decades of combined experience in complex imaging and display systems and long-standing executive-level industry connections with equipment manufacturers, key component suppliers (imagers, lighting, optics, electronics, etc.) and the Hollywood technical community.

Systems Engineering

A primary differentiator for Brass Roots is our extensive system-level perspective. Our systems architects draw upon a wealth of experience from diverse fields, and our development process starts with a full understanding of the end-application at the entire system level.

Opto Mechanical Design

Design of advanced opto/mechanical components, assemblies and systems. Our team integrates custom optomechanical and electronics designs into full-performance prototype systems.

Opto Electronics Design

In-house opto electronics design spans hardware, firmware and software design ranging from high-performance analog LED Drivers to high-speed, multi-layer digital DMD Formatter boards with FPGA HDL firmware and embedded processors.

Rapid CNC Prototypes

From initial proof of concept demonstrators to full-performance, near-production prototypes, a complete prototyping supply chain network supplements our internal design and precision CNC machining.