Technical Consulting

Brass Roots Technologies provides technical consulting to clients worldwide. Our management team brings decades of combined experience with advanced display and imaging systems and long-standing executive-level industry connections, including digital projector manufacturers, industry supply chain (imager technologies, lighting, optics, electronics, etc.) and the Hollywood technical community. We provide unique technical insight, comprehensive assessment, recommendations and planning assistance, including Technical Dilligence, Feasibility Studies & Modeling, Product Architecture & Design, Production Readiness Assessment, Supply Chain & Vendor Qualification, Product Portfolio & Roadmap Planning.

Key areas of expertise:

DLP® Projection System Architecture and Design

  • Illumination System Design: Lamp, LED, Laser Phosphor, Direct-view Laser
  • Optomechanical System Design: 1-chip, 2-chip and 3-chip DMD architectures, Multi-stage HDR architectures
  • Optoelectronics Design: High-Bandwidth DMD Formatting, Video and Image Processing (HW/FW/SW), Analog

Advanced Digital Video Processing

  • Deep understanding of the Human Visual System - Psychophysics
  • High-Speed Vi, deo and Pixel-Level Processing (HW/FW/SW and Analog)
  • Image Processing Algorithms and Advanced PWM Bit Sequence and Floating-Point Multi-Toning

MEMS & Micro-Imaging Technologies

  • DLP® technology fundamentals (pixel dynamics, power handling, reliability, opto/mech interface, thermal management, etc.)
  • Familiarity with LCD, LCOS and OLED micro-displays as well as other MEMS technologies suited to display, imaging, scanning and optical switching applications
  • Micro-scanning for optical resolution enhancement, modulation techniques, advanced multi-toning, etc.

Solid-State Illumination Systems

  • Visible, UV and IR LED illumination (étendue-limited)
  • Laser illumination (Diode aggregation, DPSS, MOPA and OPO technology, Laser/Phosphor Hybrid systems)
  • CW vs. Pulsed operation, Average vs. Peak Power, Thermal Management, Optical Launch, Laser De-Speckling, etc.

Application Domains

  • Commercial Projection: Digital Cinema, Large Venue, Theme Parks, Flight Simulation
  • High-Performance Projection: 4K+, Ultra-HFR, HDR, Multi-spectral, Multi-viewer
  • Specialized Projection Systems: Automotive HUD (free-form optics), Near-Eye displays (AR / VR)
  • High-Accuracy Industrial: 3D Printing, UV Lithography, UV/Vis Inspection and Metrology
  • Imaging Optics: High ANSI Contrast Projection Lenses, Cinema / Video Camera Lenses, Consumer Camera Lenses
  • Precision Illumination: High-accuracy Vis/UV/IR LED Heads, Tunable Wavelength LED Heads, Selective Spectrum Heads

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