Gibraltar™ Processing

Gibraltar™ 4K Formatter Hardware Reference Design Now Available!

Gibraltar™ 4K Formatter Hardware Reference Design

Announcing the Gibraltar™ 4K Formatter Hardware Reference Design from Brass Roots Technologies! The advanced hardware design fully unlocks the performance potential of native 4K DMDs (1.38"). Featuring a high-speed Xilinx™ Kintex®-7 FPGA and DDR3 memory, the hardware design leverages Gibraltar™ Processing to convert 4K video and graphics into ultra high fidelity PWM bit-planes at full DMD bandwidth without bottlenecks.

Brass Roots unveils Gibralter™ IP Core

Today Brass Roots Technologies unveiled an advanced video / graphics processing architecture. The Gibraltar™ PWM Processing architecture offers real-time conversion of high-bandwidth video / graphics data into accurate gray-scale weighted and multi-toned Bit Planes optimized for PWM-based display technologies. The configurable firmware IP core is optimized for the latest generation of programmable devices, such as Xilinx® 7 Series FPGAs. Companion Gibraltar™ Development Tools used to create custom sequences tailored for specific applications incorporate advanced artifact mitigation as well as quantitative evaluation using metrics accurately calibrated to the human visual system. 

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