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Gibraltar™ Processing

Gibraltar™ Processing

Gibraltar™ Processing is a high-performance firmware-based processing architecture that converts video / graphics data into digitally accurate, gray-scale weighted and multi-toned bit-planes for PWM-based imaging and display systems. Synthesized in modern programmable devices such as a Xilinx® 7-series and UltraScale® FPGAs, Gibraltar™ Processing supports sustained data throughput in excess of 75 Gbps.

Gibraltar™ 4K<br />
UltraScale Formatter

Gibraltar™ 4K Formatter

The Gibraltar™ 4K UltraScale Formatter from Brass Roots Technologies enables the highest performance display and imaging with 1.38” native 4K DMDs from Texas Instruments. Designed for both 1-chip and 3-chip DLP® projection systems, Gibraltar™ 4K UltraScale Formatters deliver flagship performance.

Custom Gibraltar™ Formatters

Custom HFR Formatters

Custom HFR Formatters powered by Gibraltar™ Processing deliver ultimate performance for advanced and specialized DMD display and imaging applications. Brass Roots offers turnkey custom design, verification, prototypes and productions manufacturing services for OEMs and equipment integrators.